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The weather in Maryland can be unpredictable, enjoy the outdoors year-round with a new sunroom by John Krause Construction. From a small sitting area to a large space for family gatherings, the perfect sunroom should complement your lifestyle while adding value to your home. Whether you already know what you want or you need a little help turning your vision into reality, we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.  


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Ready for a sunroom, but not sure where to start? Not all sunrooms are created equal, some are only intended for use three seasons out of the year, while others are intended for all four seasons. While they tend to look the same from the outside, there are some notable differences. These are things you'll want to consider before you decide which option is best for you. 


A three-season room is typically separated from the rest of the home using French doors or a slider. They feature floor-to-ceiling windows on two or three sides of the addition. The biggest distinction between a four-season room is that they're not climate controlled and typically have little to no insulation making them a more affordable option. They can also be built over an existing deck to save money. 


Four-season rooms are typically an extension of your existing home. They include heating and air conditioning and are well insulated. Four-season rooms are usually built on a foundation and contain wall-to-wall windows on two or three walls, but not floor-to-ceiling like their three-season counterpart. While they can be more of an investment than a three-season room, they do have the benefit of year-round use.

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