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Roofing & Siding

John Krause Construction is the trusted roofing and siding replacement expert in Southern Maryland and surrounding areas. Our reputation in the industry is built on quality craftsmanship, superior products, and excellent customer service.  Give us a call for a free estimate! 

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We Provide the Replacement and Installation of Asphalt, Metal, and Rubber Roofing. Not sure which option is right for you? Read below to discover the pros and cons of each. Still unsure of what's best for your needs? Check out our recent Blog post:

Roof Buying Guide for Homeowners

Roofing Options


We Provide the Replacement and Installation of Brick Facade, Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum, Stone Veneer Siding, and More. Not sure which option is right for you? Read below to discover the pros and cons of each. Still unsure of what's best for your needs? Give us a call to discuss your options!

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Siding Options

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Brick Facade

Brick facade is extremely durable and long-lasting.  It's a popular choice amongst homeowners because of its high ROI (Return On Investment). Brick facade is more economical and easier to install than traditional brick. It's also low maintenance and fire, animal, and insect resistant. 

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Vinyl siding is quickly becoming the number one choice in the US for homeowners, with its new and improved manufacturing methods, it's extremely durable while still being a cost-effective choice. It's also low-maintenance with an ROI of about 74.7% and offers several color and style options.

wood siding with stone veneer


From authentic and rustic to sleek and modern, wood siding is a time-tested natural beauty with endless combinations and color options. It’s an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, renewable source with several different species to choose from, each with their own benefits.

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Stone Veneer

Stone veneer siding offers the architectural beauty of stone at a more affordable and easily accessible price for the average homeowner. It’s unique and natural beauty will stand the test of time, lasting indefinitely when properly installed. Little maintenance is required. Stone veneer is typically used as an accent in conjunction with another siding material.

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Aluminum offers excellent insulation. It’s completely waterproof and provides exceptional protection against moisture, making it great for homes in coastal communities.  Aluminum is not affected by extreme cold, making it an excellent choice for homes in areas of extreme cold.  It's also insect-proof and fire-resistant. With its endless color and style options, aluminum is a great option for many homeowners.

Recent Projects 

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