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Basement Finishing & Waterproofing

Don’t Move – Remodel! Increase the value of your home while adding to the square footage! By finishing your basement, you can add a significant amount of usable living space to your home without needing an addition or having to move. Have a wet or damp basement? Make sure to test your basement for water issues BEFORE getting started on any renovations.

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Running out of room in your house? Have an unfinished basement? Add value and space with a basement renovation.  Your basement has limitless potential. When planning your finished basement, we recommend you determine what the space will be used for prior to starting the design process. Some popular uses for a finished basement include:


Home Theater

Home Office

In-Law Suite


Recreation Area

Basement Bar

Play Area


& More!

Need another reason to finish your basement? A finished basement can yield up to 70-75% ROI (Return on Investment). 


Strong homes begin with a solid foundation. Water can be your home’s biggest enemy from the slow spread of mold to the sudden appearance of a small lake in your basement, there are many ways in which water can wreak havoc on your home. Here are five tell-tale signs your basement may be in need of waterproofing:


  1. Damp walls and/or floors. Even if there’s no standing water or moisture stains and the rest of your basement is dry, damp spots on the wall or floor can indicate there are tiny cracks in your foundation. If left unattended, the area will weaken over time and lead to flooding during heavy rain.

  2. Water Stains. There may be issues with sweating walls when the air is humid that you may not see at the time, the water will then evaporate and leave behind a subtle stain

  3. Humidity. If the air in your basement feels heavy, it may have a lot of humidity. This can lead to mold and mildew

  4. Musty Smell. If your basement has a damp or musty smell to it, there’s a moisture problem. This is usually the first sign that mold or mildew is present

  5. Efflorescence. This is a white powdery, crusty substance that can appear on basement walls and floors. It’s caused by minerals that are left behind after water evaporates


If you think your basement may be in need of waterproofing, give us a call for a free estimate!

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