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Design Trends 2023: Bathroom Edition

The Bathroom is the Sanctuary of the Home, Now More Than Ever Before. It’s a Place for Peace, Privacy, and Relaxation. Looking Forward through 2023, Bathroom Design Will Reflect This With a Focus on Comfort and Luxury. Continue Reading to Discover the Biggest Trends in Bathroom Design This Year!

  1. Japandi

Japandi is an emerging design style that blends the smooth modern lines of Scandinavian design with the simplicity and nature-focused Japanese aesthetic. Both are rooted in minimalist design with a focus on clean lines, warmth, natural elements, and a muted color palette creating a balanced effect with a sense of depth

2. Fluting

Fluting is a classic look that’s enjoying a modern renaissance in bathroom design. It’s a great way to add architectural interest, warmth, and texture to any space. Fluted wainscoting, wall tile, vanities, and/or plumbing fixtures are great ways to add texture and depth to your new bathroom.

3. Curves

Curves are replacing hard lines in 2023 with dramatic architectural arches, curved baths, and soft lines infusing a more relaxed yet elegant feel.

4. Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like honed stone, wood, and handmade tile is a must-have for bathrooms in 2023. Integrating these organic materials into your bathroom design will create the spa-like atmosphere you deserve.

5. Bold Powder Rooms

Bold powder rooms are taking home design by storm this year. The powder room is the perfect place to experiment and take design risks. The small square footage allows for high impact with a smaller budget

6. Texture

Texture, an often overlooked design element, is gaining popularity in 2023 due to its ability to add character, visual interest, and excitement to your space. Texture can be added through tile, fixtures, artwork, accent pieces, and more.

7. Millwork

Millwork is a classic design element that’s expected to become a staple in bathroom design in 2023. From ceiling beams and wood paneling to custom trim pieces and furniture, millwork provides a feeling of quality and luxury without breaking the bank.

8. Double Oblong Mirrors

Two is better than one - double, oblong mirrors provide a satisfying symmetry that can work with any design style

9. Colorful Sinks

Colorful sinks are making a comeback in 2023. From mint green to salmon pink, a bright-colored sink is a great way to maximize design and elevate any space.

10. Statement Stone

Marble has long been a staple in bathroom design; in 2023 we’re seeing a transition to full stone slabs - used in showers or as a large accent piece.


11. Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile is seeing a major resurrection in recent years due to its fun, retro vibe. It’s also durable, easy to maintain, and brimming with character. Made of crushed marble aggregates mixed in resin or concrete mortar, this trendy tile is sure to add style to any space.

12. Zellige Tile

Zellige tile is handmade in Morocco giving each tile a unique color, glaze, and texture. It’s relatively budget-friendly and provides a warm and classic touch to any bathroom.

13. Mix-and-Match Tile

Mix-and-match tile provides a custom look without the custom price tag.


14. Light-Not (All) White

In 2023 we’re seeing light colors and finishes replace the never-ending White that’s dominated bathroom design for the last several years. Light colors will give your bathroom an airy and open feeling in a softer and more organic way.

15. Light Blues & Greens

The color blue emits a feeling of calm security, while green is highly connected to nature and health; what better color combination can be found for the one room in your home that is designed to be your sanctuary?

16. Black is Back

With the right lighting and accents, incorporating the color black into your bathroom design can instantly transform your space into a luxurious spa-like retreat right in your own home.


There are some design trends from 2022 that are so good, they're here to stay.

1. Free-Standing Tubs

Free-standing tubs have been on-trend for years now with no end in sight. They’re a great way to relax and escape the day while creating a focal point in your bathroom design.

2. Antiques

The love for vintage is going strong, spurred by production delays and a focus on sustainability. From repurposed old dressers and antique furniture to vintage clawfoot tubs, antique pieces are here to stay.

3. Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors have become the focal point of the modern bathroom - making a big impact with little effort.


If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, give us a call for a free in-home estimate and one of our Bathroom Design Experts will help guide you through the process to create the spa-like retreat you deserve!


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